Let’s face it, sex sells. We all love to look at beautiful bodies from around the world. Women love to look at buffed guys who seem to be allergic to wearing shirts. Men love to look at women in tight yoga pants and low cut shirts. When it comes to selling products, companies always use attractive models holding or wearing their merchandise. If the model is using the product in a sexual way, sells will go through the roof.

So what am I selling?

The answer is very simple.  When I expose my beautiful brown coconuts I am selling NOTHING!  Nope, I’m not selling anything at all. However, I purposely display them for a reason. What is that reason? Well initially it was to piss off the Muslims. These barbaric savages find it insulting for a woman to speak out against Islam, but they find it double insulting for a woman speaking out against Islam while revealing her cleavage. Muslim men believe that women are supposed to cover themselves because they (the Muslim men) can’t control urges to rape them. According to the Quran, men are suppose to have power over women. So receiving threatening youtube messages from Muslims is not surprising.

But why are feminist telling me to cover up too?

Yes, honey! Feminist post messages condemning me for exposing my big brown melons on youtube. They accused me of doing it for the PATRIARCHY. LOL!! [Sorry but I had to laugh after typing that because it’s so absurd.] Of course I explained to them that I am dressing this way to insult the Muslims but in all honesty, this is how I dress on a normal day.  I take good care of my body and I often wear clothes showing off my hard work. When I show my cleavage, it’s my choice to do so. No one is forcing me to do it.

Do you think they would listen to me? NOPE!

So after that brief exchange of words between me and the Feminazis, I decided to take a stand. From that point onward, I would show my cleavage every time I made a face cam video. The only exception to this was when I recorded the “The blue Line Hero Award” videos. Those are the only videos I would dress in a conservative fashion.  I talked about this on my Motorcycle Vlog 3 video in detail. Be sure to check it out when you get a chance.

Yes folks, sex sells. However, sex can also be used as a weapon. Initially, exposing my cleavage was a big “Fuck You” to Islam. Thanks to the unwarranted criticism from self-hating feminist, it looks like they are added to that list.