Two weeks ago while recording a livestream for my YouTube channel, I bragged about the fact that the Chancellor of Germany (Angel Merkel) knows who I am and is trying to stop me from exposing her for the evil communist dictator that she is. Back then I thought it was funny. But now? Not so much.

I love my YouTube channel and I get much enjoyment from creating videos for my subscribers. I look forward to replying to my subscribers in the comment section in addition to showing Americans how to protect themselves. I also love educating my viewers about the evils of Islam and other wicked ideologies. When I make these videos, I do my best to add a little humor in them. This is probably one of the reasons why my channel has grown so fast without any promotional help from other big youtubers.

Creating videos have been a labor of love. It’s something that I truly enjoy and Angela Merkel knows this. My video titled Make Germany Great Again went viral on facebook. It has been dubbed in 4 different languages and is shared worldwide between various countries. This video exposed that problems that are plaguing Germany today and the fact that this information came from a black woman made it ten times worst for Merkel. My video titled Censorship in Germany”  was very educational for Americans. Many had no idea how corrupt Angela Merkel and her “Stasi” team were.  However, it wasn’t until my 15K Subscribers Follow Up Q and A video where Merkel had enough. The last straw for her was when I explained to one of my subscribers that the German Police arrest German men who try to protect German women from being raped by Muslim refugees. A couple of days after posting that video, the German police raided my old condo that I signed over to one of my best friends. They did the same to the company I previously owned several miles away. Like my condo, I had to “give” my company away to my business partner who only owned 35% of it at the time.

Let me explain why I had to do this.

When I moved to Germany in 2010, I was under the impression that it was a socialist country. Upon my arrival back to the United States for the winter season in 2015, I realized that Germany was one step away from being a communist country. While in Munich I heard only good things about the refugees. The German media on  TV, radio and newspapers never reported the rapes, kidnappings, robberies, assaults, and child molestations sweeping across the country. This was purposely kept out of the German media. But the media here in the United States painted a different picture. The media here in the US showed Germany plagued with crime due to the Muslim refugees they allowed into their country. It wasn’t until the mass rapes of women during the New Year Celebration on January 1, 2016  in Cologne, Hamburg, and Berlin that I realized Germany was turning into a western version of Yemen.

After a few of my friends were arrested and fined for speaking out against the refugee crisis, I realized that it was time for me to get the hell out of there and come back to my beloved country.

Every year for the past five years, I would spend the winters here in America and the rest of the year living in Germany. However, during the month of April 2016, I returned to Germany with the intentions of shipping all my belongings back to America. I knew during this month that I too was going to speak out against the Muslim refugees. However, if I did that with my business registered in my name as the owner, the German government could seize my company’s bank account and charge me thousands of euros in fines. I was advised by my company’s lawyer to sign over everything to friends. According to German Law, giving them my assets without payment protects them from financial penalties, fines and being seized.

When you sit back and thank about it, I screwed them over good. LOL!!!

So now it’s time for payback and here is where Angela Merkel tries her best to shut me up. In the video below, I explain why this video was taken off my channel and why she wants it off the internet!