If there were a poster child for the ignorant mentality of most Germans living in Germany today, it would have to be the pruned-up face of Angela Merkel. Thanks to her open door policy, – which has allowed over 2 million Muslim refugees (and counting) into her country, – Angela Merkel has put Germany and Europe in grave danger.

Now that Merkel is facing re-election, she is telling the German people sweet lies, and they are eating up every word. Merkel desperately wants to be German chancellor again, and there’s a strong chance that she will lose. She knows that the possibility of getting re-elected is not going well for her, because after years of ‘anything goes’ rhetoric, she’s trying to backpedal on her stubborn stance regarding closing the German borders.

However, in her desperation to regain her former popularity, she’s trying to partially undo her disastrous past actions by literally paying the Islamic refugees she ushered into Germany to leave. What’s the lesson of this story? Don’t let over 2 million Islamic “refugees” into your country in the first place!

Listen to the stupid plan Angela Merkel has for ridding Germany of the savages she allowed into her country: she is setting aside €90m (£76m) to create a fund that will pay migrants to leave Germany voluntarily. The handouts will form part of a 16-point plan to speed up the removal of rejected asylum seekers, after Tunisian migrant terrorist Anis Amri murdered a Polish lorry driver, hijacked his vehicle and drove it into a Christmas market in Berlin, killing 12 innocent people (one of whom was a Jewish woman).

Merkel is trying to undo her ignorant plan of multiculturalism, which has subjected German citizens to mass rape, murder, vandalism, and levels of violence that they have never experienced before. The best part of this plan is that it will not cost Merkel herself any money. Nope, she won’t have to pay for any of this – all of the expenses will be paid by the German taxpayers. Allowing these Muslim migrants into Germany has been really, really expensive, but it seems that the Germans who support Merkel are okay with footing the enormous bill.

This is why Merkel is quick to throw money at the problem she created by dedicating 90 million Euros from the taxpaying German people to Muslim migrants who refuse to leave Germany. This type of money may or may not incentivize self-deportation, but it’s an awfully steep price to pay to fix only one part of the problem Merkel has created, especially when many Americans feel that the whole fiasco should have been avoided in the first place. However, it’s obvious to us that Germans are welcoming this slow genocide of their people, and it seems like there’s nothing you or I can do to stop it.




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