Here we go again! Another muslin terrorist attack in Germany that has nothing to do with Islam. Right?  Isn’t that what Angela Merkel want us to believe?

Now I normally don’t jump the gun on tragic events like this but since this occurred in Germany, I’ll make an exception. Why? Because Angela Merkel can’t be trusted. This woman is famous for hiding the truth for the rest of the world. She will do everything in her power to be elected German Chancellor again this coming September. Even if that means refusing to admit that this was another Muslim Attack.

So let’s discuss what happened in Heidelberg and why I believe this was indeed a terrorist attack performed by a Muslim.

Germany is now a communist country and Angela Merkel is the dictator. She diligently censors are bad news that are connected to the Muslim migrants in Germany. Merkel has punished German citizens who opposed the influx of migrants into their country. She also concealed the truth when it comes to terrorism inside of Germany.

Below is a video explaining more. Click on the bottom to view to the footage.