Canadian liberal politician Kathleen Wynne’s recent visit to a Toronto mosque is making headlines – but probably not for the reasons she was hoping for.

Kathleen Wynne – known in Canada for being an outspoken lesbian and feminist – reportedly visited the mosque in an effort to show solidarity with Canada’s Muslim community after an attacker shot and killed six people at a Mosque in Quebec.

Prior to her visit, according to The Toronto Star, Wynne addressed a crowd on the topic of immigration.

“We’re not different. We’re the same; except for indigenous peoples, every one of us came from somewhere else. We came from another country, another place, to build this open society.”

Unfortunately for Wynne, men at the mosque she visited later that day didn’t seem to share her view of equality.

According to the Toronto Sun, some were surprised that Imam Wael Shehab invited Wynne to the mosque, as he had previously expressed anti-homosexual views. In a 2015 interview with, the iman asserted that “homosexuality is a sinful act in Islam.”

The imam then cited Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi, who is quoted as saying: “We should consider them people who get themselves engaged in a sinful act. We should deal with them in the same way we deal with any people who are involved in alcoholics, gambling or adultery. We should have deep repugnance to their acts and we must remind and warn them.”

Wynne didn’t acknowledge the Imam’s previous statements, instead choosing to focus on a message of healing in a dark time.

“Our government stands with you,” she told the worshippers. “We are not different. We are the same. We are all Canadians.”

Despite his previously stated views on homosexuality, Shehab said that he cherished the premier’s visit and her words.