Do you know the differences between a service animal and an emotional support animal? Could you tell them apart if you saw one in public, and which  animal is allowed in areas the prohibited pets?

Emotional support animals are companion animals that give comfort to people with mental or emotional conditions. To get one you need a diagnosis and recommendation from a mental health professional.

Well-trained service dogs can press elevator buttons, retrieve dropped items, alert hearing-impaired people to doorbells and smoke alarms, provide balance to those with prosthetic limbs, sniff out life-threatening allergens, and sense when a person is having a medical emergency. For veterans with PTSD, they can prevent strangers from crowding too close.

Pet owners have found a sneaky way to bring house pets into stores, restaurants, airplanes, and other places where four-legged creatures are usually banned. How do they do it? By purchasing a FAKE service animal vest and placing it on their pets.
Pretending that your dog is a service animal is a harmless ruse, right? WRONG! Watch this video to learn how wrong it is.