You often hear the word “racist” thrown around by liberals, pro blacks, democrats, feminists, and SJWs. To them, criticizing the actions of another race makes you a racist. However, as a black conservative who is very aware of American history, I recognize that it’s the liberals who are really racist and I will prove this in this video which is PART ONE and the other half which is PART TWO. There’s so many layers to this subject, so in this video I will start it off with Gun Control.

Proof That Liberals Are Racist #NotAll – Gun Control [Part 2]

This is the final educational video about the racist history and actions of liberals in reference to black people. In this video I explain in detail the laws and activities enforced upon black people by racist liberals. I also showcase black groups and individuals who fought against these gun control laws used to punish law abiding citizens in the black community.

I would like to send a huge THANK YOU to all my financial donors. Without you this video and others like in the past would not have been possible. Please know that I appreciate you so much.