If you think sexualizing your child or encouraging your child to be sexualized, or sexualized as the other sex, we can’t find common ground. Not only can we not find common ground, but you’re also a child abusing piece of crap. You should feel immense, debilitating shame every second you breathe. You should not hop online to buy a fake penis for your daughter. You should not hop online and by a penis sock for your son. What the actual hell is wrong with you? Alas, there’s now a website called TransKids, a “safe” website for sick “woke” parents to buy their children dildos and penis sacks.

From their about page:

TransKids is run by Searah, who also runs a site for trans guys. After years of helping adults find high-quality gender expression gear, she saw the need for a site and store that focused more on kids and their unique needs.

Kids’ unique needs include a mom and dad who love and protect them from shitty websites like this; who protect them from shitty ideology which says they should be the opposite gender if they feel like it, regardless of the reason; and who protect them from apparently their own parents who’d rather receive gold stars from a sick society than do well by their own offspring.

Searah hopes that all parents coming here can trust that this is a safe and affirming place, where helping your kids live fully and embodied is our only goal.

“Safe.” Searah keeps using the word “safe.”

A website which sells dildos for children isn’t a safe space for anyone. It’s a sick place. It’s a dangerous place. It’s a place which exists in nightmares and the fantasies of pedophile perverts. Redundant I know, but such is the dangerous level of our times.

Oh, also, it seems some of you DO have shame. Look at this little promise on the site about shipping “discreetly.”

transkids shipping policy

What the hell is wrong with us? Parents are buying dildos for their children? My God, you people. I’m not one who encourages self-sterilization, but if you think it’s totally fine, safe, and even good to buy a strap-on for your daughter, go visit a doctor and have yourself neutered or spayed. You sick, disgusting, child-abusing freaks.

No, I won’t apologize. I shouldn’t have to. Who should be apologizing is absolutely everyone involved in this current push to sexualize children so they can feel a certain way about themselves. F*ck all of you.

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