Kellyanne Conway Picks Trump Over Hubby

The White House soap opera continues.

And the plot twist is super juicy: Kellyanne Conway is choosing President Trump over her husband.

On Wednesday afternoon, Kellyanne fiercely defended her boss, who called her hubby—conservative lawyer George Conway—a “total loser.” Conway has been pushing a narrative that Trump is a narcissist who has lost his marbles.

In a new, brief phone interview with Politico‘s Daniel Lippman, Kellyanne sided with Trump, saying he could fire her for her husband being such a distraction and tell her to go home and be with her kids. Instead he isn’t. Instead, her boss is just calling her husband a “whack job” and a “husband from hell.” Trump told reporters Wednesday on the White House grounds, “I think he’s doing a tremendous disservice to a wonderful woman.”

“You think he should take that sitting down?” Kellyanne asked of Trump, sounding like she was rooting for her boss to successfully clobber her husband.

She said her husband — “respectfully” — is no psychiatrist. It’s the only time where she uses the word “respect” in association with her husband. The couple have four children and have been married for 18 years.

Kellyanne’s characterization that this is a “distraction” might be putting it mildly.

By backing Trump’s smack-down of her own husband, isn’t she basically agreeing with Trump that her husband is a loser?

In what could be the most talented acting performance of the year, Conway and Conway are acting like something out of War of the Roses. As Trump publicly shreds her husband, Conway continues pushing the narrative that the president has a mental disorder straight out of the DSM.

In her defense, George started it. Wouldn’t a supportive husband not try to blow up his wife’s job?

Kellyanne told CNN’s Dana Bash in an interview last month that her husband, whom Trump unaffectionately calls “Mr. Kellyanne Conway,” says her other half was initially “crying in his MAGA hat” with joy over Trump’s presidency on election night.

“I believe if I were Kellyanne, I’d be upset with my husband,” political analyst Gloria Borger said Wednesday on CNN.

But she also said Trump has a “pot kettle” issue by calling George the “husband from hell.”

George replied to a question from WaPo‘s Ashley Parker about Trump calling him “Mr. Kellyanne Conway.” He didn’t seem bothered by it, calling it “extremely juvenile and boorish.”

Who knows where the plot goes from here. But one thing is for certain: We want MORE.

“Where do I buy the Conway book?” TV host Michael Smerconish asked, sitting on a panel this afternoon alongside Borger on Brooke Baldwin‘s show.


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