Predator Jessica Yaniv Has Home RAIDED by Authorities

Jessica Yaniv, the so called transgender woman who filed a complaint with Canadian authorities after a salon owner refused to wax his testicles, had his home raided last night to find illegal weapons.

It happened after he appeared on conservative transgender activist Blaire White’s YouTube channel where the two individuals had a heated debate about leftism. He had bragged about having a taser during the debate, brandishing the weapon during the video that is illegal in Canada.

“I have to carry pepper spray with me because people are so freaking violent over here,” Yaniv said during the debate.

“I should not have to literally have something like this,” he said while holding up a stun gun before admitting that owning one is illegal in Canada. “I don’t need to be scared in my own house.”

This is what caused Yaniv’s immediate legal trouble with the Canadian authorities, as they were apparently watching the debate and sprung into action shortly after it concluded.

“About three minutes after (the debate ended), I have [Canadian police officers] showing up at my door and putting me into cuffs saying I have a prohibited weapon,” Yaniv said in an interview.

Yaniv continues to play the victim throughout his ordeal, despite harassing and demanding access to services from private business owners. He claims without evidence that Canadian authorities did not care about his having the taser and pepper spray when he showed them the illegal weapons previously while police were investigating his claims of harassment.

“I said: ‘Hey, you know what, for your safety and for my safety, I do have weapons in the house, I do have a Taser, it’s locked up, if you want to see it, I’ll show it to you.’ They’ve all seen it, they’re all cool with it and now all of a sudden they are not cool with it,” Yaniv said.

The nanny state of Canada that Yaniv has abused with superfluous complains has come back to bite him in the acorns. He also claimed he suffered a seizure as the result of the trauma from being detained, another claim without evidence from the attention-starved liberal.

Yaniv’s recent history shows that she may be a predator, rather than a victim. He planned a topless swimming party featuring unchaperoned children, as LGBT activists continue to aggressively recruit and indoctrinate underage kids into their degenerate lifestyle.

It has also been alleged that Yaniv asks bizarre and perverted questions regarding 10-year-old children and tampons on web forums while targeting kids on social media with lewd messages.

Canadian authorities would be wise to continue monitoring Yaniv, as it seems that filing bogus complaints against salons that refuse to wax his testicles and owning non-lethal illegal weapons may be the least of his indiscretions.



  1. Will you look at those Canadian cops…they look like they are going after a ISIS high value target. All kitted up to look like SEAL Team Six. Seems like a lot of these Rainbow Six SWAT guys like to strut in their kit for any purpose. Reminds me of the IRS guys going after the kid who didn’t pay taxes on his $40 piggy bank. Posers.


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